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Assessment & Development Centres

A growing number of organisations are using assessment centres to facilitate selection, promotion and development decisions to ensure a more accurate fit between person and job role.

Assessment Centres provide a comprehensive, holistic assessment of a group of individuals using a structured combination of appraisal techniques. Participants are usually evaluated against eight to twelve competencies, using a combination group exercises, work-related and situational test, psychometric tests and focused interviews.

Business Minds' assessment centre consultancy can help you through every stage of the process from competency profiling, through exercise design, assessor training and the provision of feedback.

The information obtained from assessment and development centres can be used to:

  • increase the quality of your selection or promotion decisions
  • establish focused and relevant personal development plans to better target management training and development
  • provide you with objective information for redeployment and succession planning

Case Studies

Working closely with a leading search consultancy we identified the competencies required for success within the role of MD for a global engineering consultancy. Shortlisted candidates were assessed on a two-day assessment centre consisting of a series of specially developed work-related exercises and a focused feedback interview. Presentations on the company and its strategy were given allowing candidates to gather information and ask questions. At the end of the centre each candidate's performance was reviewed with the client to help them reach an informed selection decision.

A major insurance company was using an off-the-shelf graduate assessment centre but were unsure if it was effective in selecting the right individuals. We reviewed the process with the client and helped then develop tailored exercises to measure key competencies more accurately. We also trained the client to run the assessment process themselves.

For a major FMCG company we produced a detailed, objective report of the competencies required to be effective at the middle-management level. We designed and ran development centres to assess current managers against the identified competencies. The information formed the basis for individual development plans and was also collated to form a corporate training plan. This ensured that future training and development initiatives were focused on individual needs, relevant and cost effective.

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