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Online Psychometric Testing

When assessment results are needed fast, online psychometric testing is the often the best option. The process is:

  • Reliable - using well researched, reputable tests and questionnaires
  • Quick - set up within 24 hours, report produced within 1 -2 days of test completion
  • Convenient - candidates who can complete tests from home in their own time
  • Hassle free - we can manage the whole process for you
  • Cost-effective - no room hire, travel, consultant or material costs

We can set-up and manage online psychometric testing using for either individual or large-scale assessments from as little as £75 per candidate. We can:

  • advise you on which assessments are suitable including personality profiling and reasoning tests
  • liaise with candidates
  • set-up tests and assessment logins
  • email assessment reports directly to you
  • provide psychologists to discuss results with you, as required
  • provide feedback to candidates

For more information on our online psychometric testing service, get in touch with us today.